Bastian Allgeier on Simplicity

In the last two months I moved away from SASS for all new projects, though I know how helpful it can be in many places. I moved away from inuit.css, which I really liked as a CSS toolkit and went back to better structure my own CSS. I ditched Angular for Kirby 2 and went for a very reduced and tiny combination of loosely coupled js components.

Basically Stephen made me throw away lots of my work from last year and I’m very thankful for that. It helped me focus again. It helped me to get back to a more simple — pen and paper-like — setup and to recognize that I hardly loose anything. Instead I feel I gain a more direct connection to my brain.

I’m not quite as radical as Bastian and I am still using SASS for most of my CSS for example. But I noticed something similar where you put off some work and dread doing it, because you made it complicated yourself. Sometimes writing something plain and simple from scratch may be a lot faster than to automate everything and build the perfect tool for the job. By the time you have all your tools and workflows running you might be done otherwise.